What I love for New Year’s Eve

Get a Jump on the New Year.

With Hanukah behind us and Xmas shopping and giving just a week away, we are again faced with that next big wardrobe decision: “WHAT TO WEAR ON NEW YEAR’S EVE”?

Is this year different than any other year (no pun intended)? The usual sparkle, shine, sequins, gold, silver, beading, décolletage, sexy silhouettes, high slits, low cleavage … and we all probably have one or two of these go to pieces in our wardrobe; so why buy another one?

However, do you own a jumpsuit? Jumpsuits are a huge trend this year and a fabulous, multi-occasion, all-season staple. The newest fashion message-trend of this year and into 2014 is the mix of elegance with sporty comfort. Notice the tracksuit pant and short blouson sweatshirt shape as big fall trends. These are being done in everything from sequins and lame to puffy quiltings and plush fabrics. The track pant often has lurex, studs or other detail. Jumpsuits are a clear extension of this elegant and sport mix and a big continuation of the Juicy pant & hoody of several years ago.

On the practical side, they make you look thinny -thin with a block of color all the way down to the toes, especially if they have a low cleavage front. They show off your best jewelry and accessories and can be dressed up and down, worn with a jacket and can go day to evening with a jacket or sweater over.

I particularly like knits as they are packable and forgiving.

On the downside, the biggest complaint is the pain of practically undressing when you have to go to the bathroom – and believe me, you did not abuse this privilege. I have been designing jumpsuits for many years and this is the biggest complaint I have heard from my customers. The sleeves can fall in the toilet; UGH! The top can fall on the bathroom floor. There is a technique, however!!  When you pull off the top, fold the top over your body, sleeves included and sit down with the top on your lap.  It’s really not that much of a bother for all that comfort involved with wearing one.

Here are some of my picks for the best roundup of Holiday 2013:

1) Low cleavage, sequin halter front

2) V neck, jeweled shoulder, wide leg

3) Cap sleeve, track cuff, v front

4) Tuxedo wrap front, skinny leg

5) One shoulder, very chic belted jump

6) Size does not matter. Attitude does

7) Red…great for New Years Eve halter top jump

8 ) White bustier top jump, wide leg

9) White top low plunge on black leg

10) Zany white blk print on tuxedo pant (Chanel)

11) White peplum top (hides the hip) over skinny pant

12) Regina Kravitz surplus dolman in black knit on Julie Hayek, former Miss USA. Available from the designer:


$200.00 xs-l, imported rayon/poly/lycra knit black only

25% discount to FAB AT ANY AGE readers.

If you are not into jumpsuits, here are a few other looks I love for New Year’s Eve:

13) Vintage beaded flapper dress

14) Total back out sequin sheath

15) Silver beaded bustier short cocktail

16) Nails to die for

17) Red anything

Have a Happy Holiday and joy-filled New Year!

Regina Kravitz

The Fashion Passionista

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