You Are What You Wear…What Color Says About You

from Regina Kravitz the Fashion Passionista Ever think about what that green dress or red jacket color is really saying about you? Quick….Ask yourself this question: “What is my personality color?” Don’t think about it! Be spontaneous….What is the first color that comes to mind? Now, which color pops up when you focus on “dislike”? […]

Guide to Your Body Type – it’s Not Too Late to Find the Perfect Swimsuit!

Hi, From Regina Kravitz, “ thefashionpassionista”. Finding the perfect swimsuit is analogous to the frog turning into a prince! It is probably one of the worst experiences a woman could go through! It’s a true confrontation with reality! There they are: the yearly prospects: an explosion of prints, colors, cuts, styles, cutouts… assaulting the shopper […]
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