Anti Aging and How to Improve Skin Health by Robin Barrie

Although that one “silver bullet” does not exist today, recent research demonstrates that Nutrition/Nutricosmetics, Topical Skin Care, and Aesthetic Procedures together exert a synergistic, effective remedy. The term “nutricosmetics” refers to foods, beverages, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, herbs, and extracts intended for oral consumption to improve skin health.    By implementing all three of these ant-aging categories, optimal skin health and skin beauty are achieved from...

What Supplement Gives Us Younger Skin?

In today’s episode of Fabulous At 60, Andrea once again visits with Celebrity Chemist Jerry Hickey, to find the best supplement to take to give us younger looking skin. As you will see in the video, Jerry recommends Collagen. Collagen is a source of important amino acids including hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline plus esteric peptides important […]
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