Skin Rules By Dr. Debra Jaliman

We have a special treat today on Fab At Any Age!  Our Fab host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick visits Dr. Debra Jaliman in NYC to discuss her new book, ‘Skin Rules’, and have her share a few of her tips to keeping your skin looking young, fresh and healthy!!! Debra Jaliman, MD, is a board certified dermatologist […]

Cocoa, the Secret to Wrinkle Free, Youthful Skin!

As we grow older, our skin begins to thin, wrinkle and lose the elasticity that it once had. What can we do to reverse these effects? And can we do it naturally? These are the questions that our host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick took to our Celebrity Chemist, Jerry Hickey in today’s episode of Fab At Any […]

You Deserve a Moment to De-Stress

Ladies, listen in to our Fabulous at 60 host, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick, with a message to take a little time and pamper yourself, to get away from the hustle and bustle, and simply unwind. Watch as Andrea shares with us her de-stress moment at the Pinky Nail Salon on 56th & 1st in NYC, and then […]

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