Fab At Any Age Tips to Relieve Hot Flashes From Home

The main aim of fabatanyage.com is to help a woman look and feel good all the time. Most women tend to use menopause as an excuse to quit looking after themselves. There is no other reason why menopausal women cannot look as gorgeous as they do at any other time in their lives. So many […]

Dr. Laura Corio – Vaginal Dryness – Use it or lose it!

As women get closer to menopause, the vaginal walls begin to thin, sex becomes less enjoyable and all kinds of things can go wrong in a womans body. To better understand what’s happening to us, as women, and how to reverse the symptoms, Fab at Any Age host, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick interviews one of NYC’s best […]

Dr. Laura Corio And Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our host here at Fabulous at 60, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick, sat down with one of our Dream Team members, Dr Laura Corio. Dr. Corio shared with us some amazing information that could possibly save your life. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. It is estimated […]

Ask Andrea!

Bio Identical Hormones” Should we take them?”

Dr. Christine Northrup says “Bioidentical means it matches exactly the molecular structure of the hormone that your own body produces, and Synthetic hormones are made from horse urine and are natural for a horse, but they’re synthetic for a human body, each has a completely different effect.” Are BioIdentical’s right for you? Watch this video […]
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