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Andrea's 9 Rules to Staying Young

I have been asked many times, “What regimens do you follow that you swear by that reduce the look of age?” I want to share with you my list of rules to help people and myself stay young. 1) DIET DILIGENCE: Always stay on a healthy diet even if you are on vacation. Unlimited vegetables, […]

How to Create a Healthy, Low Calorie Affair!

Having a family/friend gathering or social affair? Want to serve healthy, low calorie appetizers and entrees? Then you want to watch this episode! Our host, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick, brings back – by popular demand – Celebrity Caterer Andrea Correalle. Andrea and Andrea share how to prepare a fabulous, healthy, and low calorie affair! You’ll learn what […]

How to Throw a Great Cocktail Party

Are you planning a cocktail party soon? Here are a few quick tips to make your party a hit with your friends and colleagues. Our Fabulous at 60 host, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick has brought back the lovely and talented Andrea Correale, caterer to the stars, to share what she does to ensure a successful party. Enjoy!


There are many reasons why you should eat healthier.  We can start with you will look hotter, lose weight and feel better, you will have less colds, greater mental clarity, plus you will reduce risk for heart disease or cancer and most of all aging slower (huge plus ladies!) You will also have more energy […]

Healthy Eating Travel Tips

  Host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick shares with us some healthy food choices to take with you while traveling. You don’t have to depend on fast food while your on the go, take it with you! #fabat60
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