Magic Pencil

Magic PencilMagic Pencil can match just about every skin tone with these carefully selected two tones or by custom blending the colors together.  It’s perfect for on the spot blending away of redness, blemishes, dark circles, and other skin imperfections to help achieve a more flawless complexion.  It’s pointed pencil design and creamy texture glides on and blends easily, and is ideal to use to visually target and soften fine lines.

It’s a handy, fast, and easy to apply under or over makeup while it instantly banishes age spots, blemishes, and under-eye discolorations. Use it to give a little more coverage in more difficult areas such as veins or broken capillaries.

With the ease of a pencil apply it above the lip line and blend out to give an extra barrier against lipstick bleed, or use it to dramatically reduce redness and brighten the rims of the eyes.  It can also be used as a highlighter under the brows to give a mini lift and frame the eyes. It’s magic!


Copyright © Fab At Any Age | Illustrations By Mary House