Hot Flash Havoc

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Hot Flash

enlightening, entertaining, humorous, profound, and is a crash-course
in what you need to know about menopause. It has the power to be a
life-changing experience for every woman.

This film not only
sheds insightful light on the confusion stemming from a decade of
misguided facts, but conveys poignant stories shared by real women and
in-depth interviews with the world’s most noted experts.
HOT FLASH HAVOC provides compelling information about
menopause that will empower women for the “Second Act” of their

Watch the award-winning documentary which has been called “VITAL and ENLIGHTENING”by the Los Angeles Times, “Entertaining… Laugh-Out-Loud Funny… and The First Film to Address the Issue of Menopause Head On” by NBC Health News, and “A Must See for Every Woman” by the Society For Women’s Health Research in Washington, D.C.

HOT FLASH HAVOC will be available to rent and watch by streaming it on a computer, smart TV, normal TV (if it is hooked up to a computer), tablet or smart phone.


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“Women will love it and leave armed with information”
-The Aspen Times



“The documentary creates a playful dialogue on the experiences and expectations of Menopause”


“Hot Flash Havoc digs into the facts and myths of Menopause”
-Kansas City Examiner


“There’s no refuting the enormous value of the information shared here.”
-The Arizona Star


“Turning up the heat on Menopause.”
-The Orange County Register


“Award-winning documentary delves into the sometimes taboo subject with new medical information and lots of humor”
-NBC News


“Hot Flash Havoc finally gives women the information they need to advocate for their body, their brain and their well-being. This movie has more potential to improve and reform women’s health than 2000 pages of federal legislation.”
-Fox News


“Hot Flash Havoc tackles what every woman needs to know about Menopause, while also entertaining its audience.”
-Naperville Sun


Click on image above to watch trailer!

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