Dr. Zweifler and the Upper Arm Lift

Dr. Zwiefler arm lift before after In this video, FabatAnyAge host Andrea Warshaw Wernick takes us to the offices of Dr. Michelle Zweifler, a plastic surgeon in New York City. Dr. Zweifler is performing a mini-arm lift. Most mature women want to reduce the amount of extra skin they have on their upper arms. In this procedure, Dr. Zweifler demonstrates how […]

Dr. Steven Victor Explains Stem Cell Rejuvenation (PART I)

Dr Steven Victor Stem Cell This week Fab Living At Any Age host Andrea Warshaw Wernick takes her friend and client Candice Stark to the offices of Dr. Steven Victor. Dr. Victor is a specialist in Stem Cell Rejuvenation. Candice has been having chronic neck pain. She wants to avoid surgery. Dr. Victor explains how his Stem Cell rejuvenation procedure […]

How To Sleep Better and Look Younger by Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS.MS.

Dr. Gelb explains to us in detail why we don’t sleep at night and how we can easily correct that problem. Dr. Gelb’s explain how his special device works to help us get a good night’s sleep while making us look younger in the process!

How to Lose Inches, Tighten Your Skin Without Trying, with Dr. Howard Sobel

In this episode, Fab At Any Age host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick takes us back to the offices of New York City Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel to learn more about his new fat-reducing machine called Vanquish. Dr. Sobel tells us about how Vanquish technology works in diminishing fat cells around the midsection of the body. Vanquish […]

How to Be Pain Free Forever With Kevin Towers, DPT

Fab At Any Age and host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick are honored to introduce the great reliever of pain, Kevin Towers doctor of Manual and Physical Therapy.
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