Dr. Z. Bro-Tox for Fathers Day Story

In this video, Fab at Any Age host Andrea Warshaw Wernick takes us back to the offices of Dr. Michelle Zweifler, plastic surgeon in New York City. In this episode Andrea brings her husband Joel in to the office for the ultimate Father?s Day. Joel explains why he wanted to have Botox and filler. These […]

A Thinner Smoother Neck Without Surgery, with Dr. Michelle Zweifler

Fab Living At Any Age host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick joins Dr. Michelle Zweifler at her Fifth Avenue office to demonstrate Kybella.

Get A Younger Looking Neck With Dr.Zweifler

Dr. Michelle Zweifler performs Botox to the neck to make it look young and tight again!

Dr. Steven Victor’s Stem Cell Rejuvenation Cures Chronic Pain (PART III)

Dr Steven Victor Stem Cell It’s been one year since Candice Stark met with Dr. Steven Victor, a leading pioneer in stem cell rejuvenation in treating chronic pain. In this video, we reveal the results of how Candice feels and how happy she is.

Stem Cell Rejuvenation with Dr. Steven Victor

More of Dr. Victor, who is a specialist in stem cell rejuvenation. This cutting edge medical in-office procedure not only removes all your body pain but also revitalizes your body by just using your own stem cell.
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