How to Easily Apply False Eyelashes in 3 Minutes or Less!

Today on Fab at Any Age, Andrea shows you how she applies false eyelashes easily — and in less than three minutes! Watch the video to find out how!

Get Softer, Fuller Hair in One Application!

Today on Fab At Any Age, our host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick takes you uptown to the Rosario Acquista Salon to meet with J.F. Lazartigue’s National Training and Promotional director Mary Pergoda and top colorist Santino Acquista. Andrea interviews them both about the J.F Lazartigue products. Andrea has been using the products for 6 months and they have given her fuller, softer hair without any hair loss. Santino also […]

Get Fuller, More Youthful Eyebrows in Minutes!

Today on Fab At Any Age, our host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick shares her exclusive interview with Briana Alessi of the Alessi Medical Spa in White Plains New York, where Briana shows us how to get fuller, more youthful eyebrows in just a few minutes,

Opening of the New Alessi Medical Spa!

Today on Fab At Any Age, our host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick takes a short train ride outside New York City to meet with Dr. Anthony S. Alessi, a cosmetic surgeon in White Plains New York, for the opening of his and his wife’s new Alessi Medical Spa. Just 30 minutes outside of the city, Dr Alessi […]

Get a Little Lift in Your Life Using SHIBUE Gels

Once again, the fab Jenny Buettner from SHIBUE Couture joins our host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick on Fab At Any Age to share another amazing invention, the SHIBUE Gels – with an adhesive backing, these gels lift and support your breasts, under your bathing suit (in the water), under your dress (staying in place, even when dancing)…wear […]
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