Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin

Bio-Curcumin® & 5-LoxinBio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin

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Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin Is A Synergistic Blend of Two Powerful Natural Herbs That Have Been Clinically Proven to Effectively Target Inflammation Issues Bio-Curcumin® Also known as Turmeric, a plant indigenous to Southern India and Indonesia. Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin has been used for centuries as a traditional therapeutic remedy in these cultures.

Many recent clinical studies on humans are showing that curcumin possesses powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.

5-Loxin Benefits and Features:

Bio-Curcumin Nutritional support for the comfort of the entire body (muscles, back, neck etc.)
5-Loxin Benefits Nutritional support for improved cellular health.
5-Loxin Enhanced benefit and protection for intestinal tract
5-Loxin Benefits Supports health of tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin and other irritated tissues
5-Loxin Benefits 100% G.M.O. free, pesticide free Curcumin
5-Loxin 100% natural herb extracts
5-Loxin Highly absorbable Curcumin with Boswellia’s most active constituent

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