About Fab At Any Age

When it comes to being fabulous, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick has always been at the top of her game.

Compared to the average person, Andrea has already lived 4 lives. And in every instance, she’s used her intuitive insight for talent to encourage others to bring their gifts to the Planet!

After receiving not 1 but 2 master’s degrees, Andrea started her journey as a New York City public school teacher. She then moved into New York’s fast-paced advertising scene as a photo retoucher and photographer representative. Later she founded and sold a national storyboard company, then emerged as a recruiter placing advertising professionals at world-known agencies.

Along the way, she’s mastered the art of looking and being fabulous, from fashion to fitness. And when you’re fabulous, why stay home? Andrea’s always out-and-about, attending NY’s best restaurants and events. So when it comes to husbands, you’d better be able to keep up — the first two couldn’t!

That’s why her latest incarnation is to bring her special secrets of beauty, nutrition, working out, sex, dating and much, much more to the baby boomer generation. She knows how to reinvent anyone that needs help in their life!

Featured in NY Post’s “Women Who Are 63 but Look 45”, she firmly believes that all women, regardless of age, deserve to look hot, feel hot, and be hot. That’s why she’s here to empower women to help them realize their dreams, whether launching a new career or finding a wonderful husband.

Andrea is a true-life changer to women looking for empowerment and wanting a better life style.

Armed with her vivacious spirit, sharp-as-a-tack wit and trademark-winning smile, Andrea is ready to help you embark on your journey of reinvention and become fabulous at 60, too.

Andrea divides her time between New York and the Hamptons with her third husband Joel and their feisty yorkie “Lucy Jo.”

Illustrations by Mary House

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