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Sent Thursday, May 28, 2015

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I’m a big believer in new beginnings. Whether it’s cleaning out your closets, starting a new workout routine, or taking a brave step into a new career, a new beginning has that perfect mix of fear, excitement and adventure that is what life’s really all about. There was an inspiring read in the New York Post this month about a 63-year-old woman who became a fashion model. I loved this quote from career consultant Nancy Collamer, who said, “By the time you’re 50, you have a tremendous amount of data about what you do well. You have years of experience to pull from, and you’ve amassed 50 years of contacts.” I love that because it speaks to the thing I’m most passionate about: empowering women at any age. As a real estate broker with Warburg Realty in New York, I get to help my clients find new beginnings every day as they search for a new home.
Speaking of new beginnings, let’s talk about what we need to do before we even buy our dream house. In this month’s video I introduce you to real estate financial expert Ruth Katz. In this video Ruth explains in simple terms how to acquire a mortgage. Many of you may have bought apartments before, but never personally handled the mortgage process. Well, as Ruth explains, there’s no reason why you can’t! It’s just one more area in which we women can empower ourselves to take charge, and start our new beginning!
What’s Happening in NYC
I am so proud to be part of the Ronald McDonald House New York’s “Power of Your Purse” event!

On May 5th, close to 100 women gathered in the lavish main dining room at Harlow on the Upper East Side to donate their gently-used designer handbags to support this cause. The classic art deco décor at Harlow was the perfect backdrop to the gorgeous handbags, including pieces by Chanel and Judith Lieber.
The handbags donated at this event, as well as a variety of direct-from-designer handbags, will be available at the “Power of Your Purse” silent auction on October 14, 2015, at the incomparable Doubles Club on Fifth Avenue.
This event shows women that, even empty, your purse can help children battling cancer. The inaugural designer handbag silent auction last fall raised $70,000 in support of families staying at the facility. As the campaign kicks off its second year, there are no plans to slow down! Of course, all my girlfriends were there to support this fabulous cause!
How to Prepare for  a mortgage
This month my top tips are about preparing for a mortgage.  Here’s a rundown of the documents you need to have before applying!
  1. Obtain verification of your personal information. You will need your driver’s license, social security card, and address to your current and past places of residence, extending back two years.
  1. You will also need employment information and verification. You will need the following information on hand:
  • names and location of any employers for the past two years
  • federal income tax returns for the past 2 years or IRS Form 4506-T
  • Current paycheck stubs (past 30 days, typically)
  • W-2 forms for the past two years
  • If you are self-employed, business balance sheet for past quarter, as well as P & L sheets for past 2 years
  1. You will need records of your assets and liabilities.  These records should include the following:
  • Statements for checking and savings accounts for the past 3 months
  • Statements for retirement funds and other investments for the past 3 months
  • Titles for automobiles and other property
  • Complete information for other real estate you own
  • Approximate value of all personal property
  • Most recent statements for credit cards, loans, and other credit
  1. Lastly, you will need documents about the property:
  • Home purchase contract signed by you and seller
  • Proof of homeowners’ insurance!?
Once you have gathered these documents, you are ready to go for that mortgage!
That’s all about it for this month. I hope you grasped some valuable information in this newsletter. Remember ladies take care of you and stay in control!

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Workout Move of the Month  
It’s almost bathing suit time or if anything, shorter shirt no hose time. For most of us, we might need a few new workout moves that will help tighten our thighs and our behinds.
In this simple exercise, I demonstrate a two-step move that truly works those areas.
Standing straight, hold a 5 lb. kettlebell or weight very close to your chest and put a Bose ball directly behind you. Slowly Sit down, holding the weight, onto the Bose ball. Then slowly rise while keeping your stomach in, concentrating on your slow but deliberate move. Repeat this exercise 12 times and do three sets three times a week.
This is a great way to force the lower part of your body to wake up and start to tighten the muscles that are being worked.
Keeping it Real Estate
“The Fabulous Fifties” 
My real estate career is all about finding new beginnings, and in NYC right now, there are so many ways to get a new start. The market in Midtown is especially hot, so this month I’m focusing on new properties in my own longtime neighborhood: the fabulous fifties.
The Sutton: This condo at 959 First Avenue is really something new for the neighborhood. The 29-story tower has a classic Art Deco aesthetic complete with lots of original details such as a lobby clad in reclaimed wood from a water tower—love that! The 90 high-end apartments, ranging from studios to 4-bedrooms, all feature that kind of handcrafted artisan detail, from beautiful white oak floors to luxurious windowed Watermark bathrooms.
One Hundred East 53rd Street: You have probably already noticed this striking glass-façade condo designed by acclaimed architect Norman Foster rising on 53rd between Park and Lexington. The ultra-luxury tower is now almost complete and will soon have 94 apartments for sale, along with a 60-foot pool, library, lounge, media room, and a restaurant spanning the first two floors. Units are slated to hit the market this summer.
AKA Sutton Place: This extended-stay high-end rental property at 330 East 56th Street combines hotel-like service with condo amenities. The beautiful one- and two-bedroom residences are complemented by a fireside lounge, on-site bar, and other amenities that make this feel like living at a boutique hotel—and the big news is that they are also putting a select few units on the market for sale as condos later this year.


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