Six Things You Don’t Know about Your Skin for Summers

Summer season is the best time to relax, enjoy vacation in exotic beach destinations and have a lot of fun. Amidst all these fun and frolic we cannot ignore the tantalizing ultra violet rays emitting out of the burning sun. Therefore it is extremely important for you to take extra care of your skin, as ones your buttery complexion endures the damage caused by monstrous sunrays, it will be really difficult to reverse the effects. Here are six unusual skin care tips that you must follow during summers to take extra care during the scorching summer months:

Did You Moisturize?

After the regular moisturizing regime throughout the long and dry winter season, you may not feel the necessity to moisturize your skin in the moist summer months. But that is definitely not the right thing to do. Moisturizing your skin, after cleaning it is absolutely essential as cleaning leads to robbing off the skin of its natural oils. However, choosing good skin care products for your face is the trickiest part. Select a liquid base oil free moisturizer, preferably one that contains botanical extracts.

How to Treat Dry and Oily Skin in summers?

Different skin types require special attention during different seasons of the year. If you have oily skin, then oily patches on chin, nose, hands and feet are extremely common in the summer months. As oil gets deposited on these specific areas, it clogs the pores of the skin and cause acne. Use a gentle scrub to ward off the oil as pressing it too hard will stimulate the gland and cause more oil production. Consciously restrain yourself from touching oily areas of the face.

If your skin is becoming dry too often, it indicates that your skin cannot retain the moisture in it. Take cold shower and use a foamy soap to exterminate the tendency of your skin to get dry.

Regular Facial Massage

Regular facial massage by trained professional has its own benefits. It stimulates collagen production from the skin cells and the makes the face more flushed, beautiful and fuller in its appearance. Therefore, once in a fortnight you must go for a face massage session.

Are You Using the Right SPF?

We all know that in summers leaving your house without slathering handsome amount of sunscreen is an absolute no no. But choosing a sunscreen with right SPF is the most important thing. Two factors that you must consider while buying a sunscreen are your skin tone and what SPF is perfectly compatible with your skin tone.

Relax Over Exposed Skin

Just in case you have forgotten to apply sunscreen on your skin or long hours of sun exposure have caused severe burn, you should treat the sun burnt area with soothing botanical gels. So keep a cooling gel (preferably a natural one) handy this summer to treat skin inflammation, redness and other problems at bay.

Open Skin Pores

To get a deep but not so hard cleaning of facial skin, place a hot towel on your face. It will help to open the facial skin pores and deep cleanse the face. Clear all the dirt that has clogged the pores with good skin care products. Thereafter, your skin pores will be able to breathe properly and glow naturally.

These are some of the simple steps that will help in taking proper care of your skin during summer time. Our face tells a lot about our overall health condition as well as our personality. So take utmost care of it during the hot summer months.

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The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

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