16 Simple Tips for Dealing with Menopausal Weight Gain

Menopause and weight gain – the painful menopausal side effect

One of the most painful side effects of menopause is weight gain. It makes you look disfigured, shatters your confidence and saps out all the energy. The added pounds seem to come on easily but shedding them seems to take a lifetime. You can curse the estrogen for not doing an efficient job and you can hate menopause, but neither of it is going to shed that extra weight. So why not include some easy to do activities as a part of your daily routine and say goodbye to all those extra pounds?

Menopause and weight gain – 16 easy and effective tips to keep those excess pounds at bay

Here are some tips which can help you lose that weight and help you gain control of your body once again:

  • Breathe Right:

    It sounds such a simple thing to do, but most of us don’t take the time to breathe right. When you get up in the morning set ten minutes aside to engage yourself in the simple exercise of breathing right. Inhale deeply and make sure your stomach expands when you take the air in and exhale slowly deflating your stomach as you let the air out. An exercise as simple as this increases the blood circulation and the levels of oxygen in the blood, which in turn encourage the metabolism of the body.  Calories burn quicker than usual and shedding weight does not seem an impossible task.

  • Yoga:

    Give yourself at least a half an hour yoga break. Yoga is the most natural form of exercise which wakes up the sleepiest muscle of the body and gets it to work for you. Simple yoga exercises everyday can help you lose weight effectively and consistently. Morning Yoga also helps reduce the secretion of cortisol, the hormone responsible for causing stress. Decreases stress levels mean decreased anxiety, lesser mood swings, fewer bouts of depression and at large a better mental health.

  • Go For a Brisk Walk:

    Walk as much as you can and as often as you can. Need to go buy groceries, if it’s in your vicinity, walk to the grocery store. Walk to the bus stop. Walk to your friend’s house for the evening out. Just ten to twenty minutes of brisk walking at intervals can burn calories and turn out to be good cardio for your body.

  • Take The Stairs:

    Climb up at least three flights of stairs a day. It is not impossible. It is very essential. It will not only ensure you have a strong, sturdy heart but also help you lose that extra fat accumulating on your thighs and tummy.

  • Go Swimming:

    If you love the water, go swimming as and when you like. Swimming is the best way to lose overall weight of the body. It trims your tummy and sheds the weight off your arms and thighs.

  • Go Dancing:

    Who says losing weight has to be boring and tedious.  If you have music in your soul, turn it on and groove to it.  Join a dance class or dance to the music in the confines of your bedroom. Just thirty minutes of dancing can work wonders for your body. It makes you more energetic, increases your stamina and makes you look thinner and slimmer in a matter of weeks.

  • Get a Pet:

    If you are an animal lover, just go ahead and bring a puppy home. Take him for a walk or play ball and Frisbee with him. The amount of time you spend playing with your dog outdoors is also a form of exercise. You will notice the loss in inches and pounds on the scale within months of getting a dog. Plus dogs are great additions for emotional health.

  • Gardening:

    For those with a green thumb, this is the best news ever! Gardening has been proven to be good cardio and a great and healthy way to lose weight.

  • Train for a Cause:

    If you have a walk or a marathon for a cause – like fighting breast cancer, supporting street children etc. sign up for it. Not only will you feel good about having contributed to a social cause, training for the walk or marathon will see you lose the excess weight.

  • Cycling or Biking Riding:

    If the weather is right, tour your neighborhood in a new light. Bring out the long forgotten bicycle and go exploring. If you don’t like riding outside try taking a spin class at your local gym.

  • Cleaning the House:

    Just setting things right in and around the house can help you lose weight. Doing activities around the house like picking up things and stretching to put them in the right places is just the kind of activity you need to burn the calories. Vacuuming has to be done and can burn up-to 300 calories per hour.

  • Adventurous Types:

    Try in-door rock climbing is fun and burns a ton of calories. Anyone can do it and it’s totally safe. Rock climbing uses the entire body and if you’re not a fan of weight training this is a great alternative.

  • TRX Suspension Training:

    train is great because all fitness levels can use this amazing piece of equipment. The TRX suspension training system can be use at home or outside. All that is required is a place to hang the TRX from and you are ready to workout. . This system is a total body system for all ages and body type. Google TRX.

  • Meditate:

    Meditation has been proven to relax the mind and increase metabolism within the body to burn calories because of the concentration required to meditate effectively.

  • Strength Training:

    With the help an experienced trainer, strength training can help you lose weight effectively and quickly while boosting your metabolism too. Strength training is the best investment for your time for burning fat and toning the body.

Including these activities as a part of your daily routine can help you lose post menopause weight. Keep in mind that you will not notice a difference overnight. You will have to be persistent with your exercising. Combining these easy-to-do daily activities with a low-calorie, gluten free diet will ensure you get quicker results. As Dr. Kristin Kirkpatrick has put it in right words – “The goal of the “50 and over” diet is to maintain your weight, keep your heart healthy, and above all, stay strong!” Menopause and weight gain does not have to be a permanent state for your body. A little activity here and there combined with right diet can help you shed those excess pounds.

For more tips and strategies for losing menopause weight, or just some advice on relieving hot flashes or night sweat tune into the My Menopause Fix Podcast on iTunes where I interview the leading experts on anti-aging, beauty, and fitness.

That’s all I have for now so until next time Stay Active, Stay Positive, and Embrace Your Beauty.

Kris T. Smith, MPT CNC
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