Personal Training For Post-Hospital Rehab Clients


Clients that are in rehabilitation from a hospital stay or injury, make up a very small percentage of the personal training industry, but working with them is most gratifying!

A patient that is released, automatically undergoes a complete transformation process.    Their ultimate goal is to get their life back together… physically and emotionally.   It will be a very slow and strenuous process, but MY motivation will burn inside them!


I use a very scientific approach:

  • a combination of kinesiology (the science dealing with the interrelationship of the physiological processes and anatomy of the human body with respect to movement),
  • coupled with my philosophy of energy + determination= results.

This approach is very beneficial to the post-hospital condition they have been use to.


I also believe in independent training for each client in a very private setting to maximize their potential.   I work from home most of the time in my unique gym facilities at my residence.    This allows them to feel much more comfortable with the rehabilitation process.

My responsibilities as a trainer include getting medical clearance from their doctor, as well as working closely with the healthcare practitioner to design a very specific training regime tailored to their specific condition.

I have dealt with clients addicted to medications, fighting against breast cancer, and those involved in severe car accidents.    In each case it’s important to remember that they have been lying down in a hospital bed for so long that their muscles deteriorate (aka muscle atrophy).  It is pertinent to focus on basic mobility first, then progress to realigning the muscles so equilibrium is strong again.

The staples in their workouts will be balance/coordination movements and mild strength training with the use of machines, resistance bands, and core stabilization devices.


Even though my clients rely heavily on my training expertise, recommendations from proper dietitians are also important, because 70% of what you do is not in the gym, it’s what you eat that makes up a healthy lifestyle!


James Rizzo

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