You Are What You Wear…What Color Says About You

from Regina Kravitz the Fashion Passionista

Ever think about what that green dress or red jacket color is really saying about you?

Quick….Ask yourself this question:

What is my personality color?” Don’t think about it! Be spontaneous….What is the first color that comes to mind? Now, which color pops up when you focus on “dislike”? It is this instinctual choice of color that tells others a lot about us. We all know about 85% of our first impression is formed before we open our mouths. The first thing people see is not the style of your dress, the designer label, the price tag or the season …it’s color…. Before you say a thing …your color choices speaks volumes for you!

Technically, the science of color is called chromatics, colorimetry or chromatography. It is basically about the spectrum of light interacting on the retinal cones of the eyes to produce certain spectral sensitivities which our brain defines as “color”.  It is very “vibrational” and speaks to a non-verbal part of our brain. Color is very stimulating…both soothing and jarring and is used in healing, clairvoyance, advertising, design and just about everything and anything, to send a very targeted message.

The “In Colors of the Season” aside… what do others see when you get dressed or rather “undressed” to the world?

Red: is the most popular color.

Red is the hottest of all colors and the color most chosen by extroverts. It is also very provocative. Think sexy red lips, but it also conveys anger and temper. It symbolizes passion and lust. While we wear white to wed, the signal of purity, the Chinese and other Asian cultures, traditionally wear red. A high percentage of men are actually red/green color blind and that is why they often ask their wife’s advice in picking out a morning tie.

That red dress or jacket means you are action oriented, take charge and outspoken. Use red sparingly in your wardrobe and with a true knowledge of what your desired outcome may be, as it can backfire on you!

Put some red in you life if you want:

Increased enthusiasm and attention

More energy and vitality

Action and confidence

Orange: while a difficult color for many complexions, orange was the biggest color of the past Spring season and the quintessential status symbol in the Hermes Birkin Bag! This Sunday’s Style section of the New York Times had two full page ads for ornage bags, one an Armani, the other from Ralph Lauren. Orange typifies a” social being”, a person to whom being well liked is very important. It is important to you to be accepted and respected as part of the group. You like to be liked but also take on challenges and are often interested in social causes. The color of the sun is considered a healing color. It is said to increase the craving for food, so watch out! Orange people are often thoughtful and sincere and think before they act! Lady Luck’s color is orange.

Put some orange in your wardrobe, even a scarf or belt, if you want to:

Spice things up

Increase creativity

Be more social

Meet new friends

Yellow: always considered hard to wear but this season the “yellow dress” or jacket were the must have items froma fashion point of view. Pure, bright and sunny, yellow is the easiest color for the eye to see. Yellow in deeper shades of ochre and golden, will keep the yellow choice strong for this coming Fall. Yellow means you are logical in your everyday life, neat and prefer to do things in an orderly manner. Often intellectual, you keep a daily diary and live your life with organization and efficiency. Yellow has a lot of shades which mean different things. Bright yellow brings clarity and awareness. Orange-yellow imparts a sense of establishment and security, while green-yellow, a favorite of blondes and one of my own favorites, can project a disoriented feeling.

Maybe that’s where dizzy blonde comes from!

Use yellow if you want:

To leave a impression of power

Convey an image of leadership

Sharpen you memory and concentration

A worthwhile tip: buy yellow daffodils, keep a yellow notebook.

Green: is a big color for Fall 2012 from brights to deep teal like shades. Check out the new Burberry satchel in a deep forest green. The color green suggests a feeling of safety, security, peace. It is the color of nature and fertility. Grass green is the color of “balance”. The lighter shades are soothing to the eyes. Ancient Egyptians wore malachite eyeliner to shade their eyes from the sun. Green shoes and accessories update any outfit. Use the darker greens as the new black. Green is also the color of money, so wear a lot of green this Fall…from Forest to Kelley.

Wear green to:

Achieve a new sense of balance

Open up to growth

Project a buttoned up image

Blue: Lovers of blue have a deep need to find inner peace and truth and live their lives according to their own ideals. It is the color of freedom and probably the most universal color of all among both men and women. It is the coolest color on the spectrum and sends a vibration that is conducive for communication but can also make you come off a little icy. Wear darker shades to a meeting and they will know you mean business!

A pure blue is the color of inspiration but too much of the deeper, darker blues, shut down the happy vibes, hence “feeling blue”. Navy and the dark hues are the colors of authority and have a neutral appeal. It is most loved for its familiarity in nature: the skies, oceans, twilight!

These are great interview or business colors!

The Indigo shades indicate a sense of “Commonality” ergo denim as the democratic cloth of the people even though indigo dye, originally from the Berbers of North Africa, was brought back only for kings.

Turquoise and aqua are hopeful, happy colors. They send the message of idealism and future prosperity. Lovers of these shades tend to be idealistic and ethereal. As these two colors are varying mixes of green and blue, they convey the green quality of growth and money and the blue quality of communication.

Wear these colors to business meetings where you are discussing to ideas and concepts. These are party colors as they are happy and youthful.

Purple and violet: these are spiritual colors and speak to the higher mind. Purple is the color of royalty and good judgment. The mixture of red hot and blue, it is considered the perfect color. The lighter shades of violet have a calming effect and signify inner purpose. They say the wearer is peaceful and a good listener. Flattering to many skin tones, these shades are jewel like and opulent. The color of intuition, if you are having a hard time making a decision, paint your nails lavender and see what happens.

Wear these shades if you want to send a message of:





You love pink?: very girly, of course, but also very romantic. That’s why the saying “pretty in pink” came about. It flatters ivory skin tones. Pink is calming so don’t wear it as your energy boost. It’s a good date color as it is soft and sends the message that you are not over powering or too ego involved. Pink is the color of caring, tenderness, self-worth and acceptance. Babies wear pink and young girls are crazy about it!

Wear pink if you want to neutralize disorder

Have a relaxing effect…

Gold the metal says it all. It symbolizes wealth and power and is closely linked with divinity. It is not by accident we wear gold jewelry and chains around our neck. Of course, the less obvious the better!

Wear gold as an attractor of:

Increased personal power

Good health

Courage and success

Brown can mix well into any surroundings …interior, wardrobe. It gives off a feeling of wholesomeness and stability but can also be boring. Pop it with magenta, purple, yellow.

Wear brown to be very chic.

Conservative and not flashy.

And now for black & white:

Black… most of our wardrobes are at least 50% black. We think of it as slimming. It is not really a color and is actually the absence of color. It is linked to the unknown, the mysterious. It is a wall that can have many different interpretations but mostly, cool, calm, collected and unobvious.

Wear black for power and coolness.

Wear black to be inconspicuous

Wear black for glamour and mystery

You can accessorize it any way but too much black makes the wearer absorb a certain sternness and lack of humor.

White: the anti-black… is also not a color but the manifestation of all color. It represents the complete energy of light and conveys a feeling of innocence. When you wear white, you are cool, composed, and reliable. You take time with your image and feel confident. Winter white opens us up to feelings of Spring at the same time it can feel, icy cold.

Wear white when you want to:

Give a feeling of confidence, composure and peacefulness

To start a new beginning

Gray and silver: Gray is a true neutral. Although it is very chic and sophisticated, it is devoid of its own energy and warmth. It is a good backdrop color in your wardrobe as it makes other colors seem vibrant, particularly, the magentas, pinks, purples. Gray symbolizes maturity and reliability. It is a great color to wear to a meeting or job interview.

Wear gray when you want to:

emphasize your neutrality

Reduce tension

Don’t want to reveal too much about yourself.

Wear silver as a more subtle jewelry choice.

Not sure what to do?

Well, wear prints and multi color items, tie dyes, brocades, patterns…but most of all trust your intuition and discard clothing whose color doesn’t suit you. Organize your closet in like colors and hues. It’s easier to soothing to the eye. Splurge and have a color chart done and always take a good look in a full length mirror before you leave the house!

Copyright © Fab At Any Age | Illustrations By Mary House