How to Find GREAT Summer Sale Dresses

Summertime is here! I hope that you are enjoying your summer and staying cool in these HOT months!

It’s time to go shopping for some cute, and cool sundresses, to help us look fabulous year round. Come along with us as we visit Fashion Designer Dolita’s studio in NYC, to see, and try on, a few of Andrea’s (our Fabulous Host), favorite dresses with price options from only $30 to $100.

(Note: Ladies, Andrea came into the studio with a black dress on, and well…black panties – so we censored some of the clips with the lighter color dresses to block out the panties showing through. Hint – Don’t wear black panties under your light colored summer dresses when out and about 🙂

If you are interested in fashion from Dolita, please contact us through our site at:

Have a FABULOUS summer!!!

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