Everyone is Finally Talking About Women's Sexual Desires!

Source: graphics8.nytimes.com

The book 50 Shades of Grey, finally has the world talking about women’s sexual desires! Instead of just the viagra commercials, adverstisers are realizing that women (especially since they purchase 85% of the products) need to be up front and center with products, in regards to sexual enhancement.

There’s a great article about the world of “female sexuality”, posted this month on the Huffington Post, by Rachel Braun Scherl ‘s, the President of Zestra, sharing the effectiveness of their arousal oil. Rachel says “Because of Fifty Shades of Grey, Women across America seem to be re-awakening to their sexual desires — and awakening their partners out of deep sleep to play”. Read it here.

Btw , you can purchase your own “50 Shades of Grey kit“, available right here! Yay! for female satisfaction. Let’s go ladies!

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