Sex Toys For Your 50 Shades of Grey Fantasy!

Continuing on with our ’50 Shades of Grey tribute’, we are have brought back sexpert and romance enhancement specialist Melissa Kraut, for a very HOT and interesting episode on Fab At Any Age!

On the average, it takes a man 3 minutes to orgasm, and a woman takes 15 minutes…what are you doing those other 12 minutes? We have a few toys and suggestions for you. Listen in, watch and learn!!!

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  • Lolitapinupgirl

    I feel like it’s the opposite for me and my husband. If I have my clitoris stimulated correctly I can orgasm in like 2 minutes, he on the other hand takes all freaking day and by the time he’s done, I’m totally faking it at that point.

  • for a pro…she spends lots of time hanging out at the arlington club,desparetly searching for a guy,,,any guy,,,

  • nice to see melissa in the ny post hunting a guy,,,sad lonely ‘pro’ ?? loser

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