Ask Andrea, Answers to Living Stress Free

In our Ask Andrea episode today, host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick asks “Do you want to learn how to deal with your daily stress?” “Do you want to learn how to become stress free?” Listen and watch Andrea’s answers on how to deal with everyday stresses and become happier every day!

  • Susan Scali

    Hi Andrea,
    A tip from one successful woman to another… I watched the segment regarding J.F.Lazartigue. Your hair is beautiful but forgive me dear it is too thin. The only way you can get thick beautiful hair is to level your hormones. The very best is Dr Braverman. He will do a blood test, see where your levels are dipping and bring them up to where they should be naturally. It is done with Bio Identical hormones the safe and natural way from within. Thinning hair, dry skin, weight gain is the natural progression of aging but once your hormones are leveled correctly everything falls into place. You will see a big difference in your hair, skin, teeth, nails and weight. You are too smart not to be the best you can be. Call or email me and I will help you.

  • Mooshka

    You are so inspiring and I realy admire you positive loving existence.keep rockin beautiful lady!!!!!!

  • Mooshka

    You are so very inspiring and I truly admire your wonderful thoughts and life style choices.keep rockin beautiful one!!!!big big smiles,mooshka

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