Cocoa, the Secret to Wrinkle Free, Youthful Skin!

As we grow older, our skin begins to thin, wrinkle and lose the elasticity that it once had. What can we do to reverse these effects? And can we do it naturally? These are the questions that our host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick took to our Celebrity Chemist, Jerry Hickey in today’s episode of Fab At Any Age!

Surprisingly, Andrea found that Cocoa and Collagen are the secret ingredients. Listen to why, and how, these two natural ingredients can turn back the clock on your face and hands, and give you that smoother, younger skin once more.

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Be Fab At Any Age!

  • Ah, wrinkles… Everybody hates them. They’re a nasty sign that our bodies are no longer as they used to be, all healthy and lively. Aging can’t be stopped, but with such secret ingredients in your skincare treatments, like cocoa and collagen, it sure can be slowed down. This way, when you look in the mirror, you won’t be frightened about wrinkled skin any longer.

  • Naturally occurring skin oil supplement is very important because they are stripped of detergent and water. Referred to as sebum oil. They are a lubricant to prevent wind damage and other sources of damage.

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