Why is Vitamin D the ULTIMATE Supplement?

Today on Fabulous at 60, our host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick interviews Celebrity Chemist Jerry Hickey, and asks “Why is Vitamin D the ULTIMATE Supplement?”

You’ll be surprised by how much Vitamin D adds to the health of your body and mind!

We have been studied the importance of vitamins for our well being and found that the processed foods we eat tends to destroy vitamins. This is why we are adding an entire line of vitamin supplements to our Fabulous Store, with educational videos like this one to help you find what you and your body is needing to look and feel FABULOUS!!!

This month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Laura Corio also shared with us the importance of Vitamin D for prevention of breast cancer. Be sure to visit our new store and stock on Vitamin D Today!

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