Dr Howard Sobel – Fine Lines & Wrinkles Be Gone

Fabulous at 60 host, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick, interviews NYC Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel about the benefits of the Fraxel Dual Laser. #Fabat60

The Dual wavelength laser was engineered to treat a variety of conditions, from removing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, to removing acne and birthmarks with only 2-4 recovery days. This procedure works on all skin types and anywhere on the body.


  • Fraxel is definitely a  different laser that can remove wrinkles but also acne scars.
    Even if Fraxel is not as popular as other anti aging treatments, if its results will continue to be remarkable I’m sure people will consider it when they search for an anti aging solution.
    For now we have to wait and see more opinions about it and decide if Fraxel worth a shot.

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